…but no benefits.

On Tuesday, I got some pretty exciting news. Starting Monday, I am no longer on the floor and I only work Mon-Fri from 10-6. Oh yeah, I got a raise too…to $20/hr.
« WHAT?!?!?! » You may ask, yes. Yes it’s true. I started working that retail job as an entry level salesperson one year ago and now I am Admin for the store and making 40K a year. I guess I can say that good things come to those who wait? That store has went through a LOT of bullshit from different employees over the next year and I weathered through. I kept at it, giving up my social life and all because I really like my job. Even on the days where I wanted to shoot every other customer coming into the store, I still felt satisfied because I did my best every day.

I guess it’s paid off because it got the owners attention and..well..yeah. I’ve been pulling 50+ hours a week for as long as I can remember this year and he appreciates it. So it’s awesome. I’m happy and sure I’ll have about five times the paperwork to do but do you know what? The people I work with now are awesome and they’re mainly the reason I like my job. So hey, I just gotta keep going at 110% and prove I’m worth the 40K a year. 🙂

Me: « I guess since I make grown up wages, I should start planning grown up things, like saving up for a house. »

My dad: « Yeah, but don’t give up all your fun! »

Me: « Oh don’t worry, I won’t. »