Wow, what a whirlwind past couple of weeks I’ve had. I’m still at the New York City pace as opposed to the « I’m back in Guelph so I should slow down a bit » pace. Traffic lights seem to take forever to change here. I digress…


My second entry for the Favourite albums from 1974-1983 would have to go to one of the few bands I actually like from the 80’s and that is THE TALKING HEADS. They will definitely pop up again at least one more time in this whole counting the years process..that’s for sure.


The album I chose is « Remain in Light », mainly because of the hit single off of it (who seriously hasn’t heard Once In A Lifetime before?) but also because this band as a whole is just so amazing. David Byrne is a wonderful frontman who has the most brilliant ideas seemingly all of the time. Another reason I love this band so much is because I’m guilty by association, I grew up listening to them and a lot of my favourite bands also are heavily influenced by them as well. Hell, Radiohead actually GOT the name for the band from The Talking Head’s song called, *are you ready for this* « Radio Head ». Without further ado, I will present a couple of my favourite songs off of this album.


(there’s a bit of an intro there but it gets into the song about 25 seconds in)


Crosseyed and Painless