Today’s challenge is « describe your commute to work/school/etc ». Well as you probably know, I’m still on medical leave from work. I’m starting an online course on Music as Biology on Monday so I won’t have a commute there either.

Anyway, going back to when I was going to work, I worked at both locations. There’s one in Oakville, that commute takes me an hour and a half. I take the GO train (quite a scenic view from Toronto to Clarkson station) and the bus from there to work. Fairly easy and simple.

When I work at the Vaughan location, however it is more than a bit of a hike. It takes in total two hours and that’s only if there aren’t any delays. I take the streetcar to the subway( Bloor line), then take the subway west to Jane station, the Jane rocket to Jane/Steeles, cross the street and catch the YRT Jane bus going north to Vaughan Mills. As much as I love the people in Vaughan, having to work an eight hour shift and travelling a minimum of two hours each way is beyond tiring. It’s pretty much the only time that I wish I had a car because you can take the highway and be there in twenty minutes.