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Things my co-worker has said.

This is a new segment and I find it pretty self explanatory…it’s things my co-worker has said. Seriously.

« I don’t understand people with accents, I’m illiterate. »

« I don’t vote so I guess that makes me Atheist. »

« Why, why, why do people do that? Why do people wear so much perfume, my hair nostrils vibrate when they walk? »

« Twilight Zone? That’s Doctor Who, right? »


Song of the Day RETURNS!

For Josie. 🙂


Song of the day

Another MC Lars song, you guys will enjoy it. Haha.

Hump Day Hunk

I think it’s beyond time for me to include this guy on the Hump Day Hunk list. He’s beyond multi-talented and definitely a Hunk. So here he is!

Hump day Hunk



Last song of the day for this week!

Alright, so what song should I go out on this week? Which song would really bring you into the weekend? Hmmm…OH! I know! How about a funny song that has video game dialogue put to a beat? Yes, yes. Have fun boys and girls. I had a laugh.

How about a video game themed MONTH? Song of the day

Yeah, it’s looking out that way. What can I say? I’m on a video game song kick. Try this on for size, great song to start a Monday because well…it describes my Monday. That’s for sure. Happy Valentines Day all you who celebrate! (I don’t) Also Happy Family day to everyone as well (to the provinces here in Canada that get it and all.)