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#HumpdayHunk – A Tale of Two Ezras


Okay, I’m going to start actually picking up old features of my blog that I haven’t used in YEARS. Plus, as much as I share my experiences with Major Depressive Disorder, I feel I need to reach out beyond that once in awhile. Something fun, light hearted even.

Humpday Hunk is an oollllld feature of my blog where weekly I would select a handsome gent to be the hunk of the week. I’m not saying this will start weekly again but considering I’m going to NYC a week from today and thought this was apt.

This is a tale of two Ezras. Both, coincidentally, from New Jersey who now live in NYC. One a musician, the other an actor/musician. One I have met and the other I will meet when I see his band play next week.

They both seem very much like wonderful individuals, involved in humanitarian and political issues, outside their occupation as well as within.

I have messaged one to see if he was in NYC currently and if he would like to go for a coffee. He probably won’t read it, let alone respond but it was worth a try.

The other isn’t on social media, he doesn’t like it.

Anyway, I’m already starting to pack for my three day excursion and it’ll be a nice change.


Girl Crush of the Month

Haha, you thought I forgot about this..didn’t you?

Hump Day Hunk for Josie’s Birthday!

Hump Day Hunk

Girl Crush of the Month

It’s ABOUT TIME I actually did one of these, right? Anyway, the first one is…EMMA STONE!

Hump Day Hunk

He’s intelligent. He used to be a teacher before becoming an actor. He’s funny. He has blue eyes to die for. I have a huge thing for blue eyes. It’s Jesse Williams!

Hump Day Hunkified