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How I Manage to Travel So Often

I often get asked how I manage to travel so often. I’ve been going on trips through North America quite often the last few years – New York City, Austin, Montréal, Vancouver. Being a freelancer helps for sure, but so does knowing when to book your trip and the methods of travel, where you’re staying, etc. 
If it’s a shorter trip (à la Montréal or New York City), I usually take the bus. If you book with Megabus a minimum of one month in advance, tickets are extremely cheap. I’m talking $25 for a one way ticket from Toronto cheap. If you don’t mind being on a bus for 12 hours, it’s perfect for you and very wallet friendly. I tend to choose an overnight trip, then I just sleep the whole time and wake up in the city that never sleeps.
As for accommodations, as much as I would love to one day spend a couple nights at THE Plaza hotel, my wallet can’t afford the $300 US per night price tag (and that’s for a cheap room). I actually have been using Air Bnb for every trip I’ve taken in the past four years. You get to meet awesome people, make new friends and learn about the city you’re staying in from the locals, instead of the tour guides. You can also usually find a nice room for as low as $15/night. My first trip to NYC was literally done for under $300(roundtrip flight and accommodations) and it left me with more spending cash to enjoy myself.
To help you out on your first trip, I’ve included my link to give YOU $45 off your stay with Air Bnb! Here’s my invitation link:


Life Update

Hello all!
I hope everyone’s year is going well so far. I’m so sorry for neglecting this blog, even though I promised to write more. I’ve been quite busy the past few months.
I was accepted to a University and taking online beginner courses in Neurobiology. That’s been taking most of my time, to be honest. It’s super fun though and extremely interesting! (Writing this blog is my err….break from researching for my dissertation.) 
Aside from my courses, I have also been doing barre exercises and yoga at usually three days a week. I am finding it makes my body and mind a lot better. I am still having to take my medication, but I find that the two combined helps a lot – even on my off days.
I have been playing my guitar again (yay!) And trying to relearn all the songs I’ve written that I haven’t played in nearly two years. Luckily, I don’t have a concussion this time so I’m actually able to memorise my lyrics. 

I caught up with some family friends I haven’t seen in SO LONG over the holidays and I have planned to go visit two of them out west. Short political opinion insert here – I have decided to boycott travelling to the US during this Presidency and therefore I’m making a Canadian trip to Vancouver for six days, Banff for three and Calgary for six. I’m super excited because I haven’t been out west in about ten years and truth be told, I really miss it. A bonus being I can go hang out with my friends as well while I’m out there! Double score!

So far, I have been having a pretty good year. Already made a short visit to Montreal and hung out with some band friends there (and a bit in Toronto too!)
I hope that you’re having a great year so far and if so, that it continues. If your year has been a struggle so far, I hope it improves for you! 
I’m going to leave you with some photos and see you later!

After Years of Waiting….

…. I finally got to see one of my favourite bands. Of course, I had to travel to Austin to see them but it was so worth it. The setlist was perfect, the weather that night was perfect (cooled down from the 34°C + humidity that was during the day).
The bus ride there was easy going and not nearly as scenic as I thought it was going to be. It looks a lot like southern Ontario to be honest, just with more racists. The bus ride back started with a delay and therefore messed every single one of my connections back. I was not impressed. I had contracted a head cold by this point and just wanted to go home, out of the States, where I could use my money again. 
I met a lot of really neat, friendly people on the way there, in Austin itself and on the way back so that made the busrides a lot easier. It was also a huge trip to be watching the second Presidential debate at the bus terminal in Cleveland (read: a red state) at 3am surrounded by many different people of colour, all looking to be younger than 35. I was actually pleasantly surprised that everyone was paying attention. Everyone. I haven’t really seen something to that extent in Canada.
My heart also goes out to the kind people of Austin that I had a chance to talk to. Their monthly rent was on par with Toronto’s ($800+ utilities for a small one bedroom) and their minimum wage is only $7.35/hr. Unless of course, you serve alcohol – then it’s a measley $2+ tips (that they have to share). It was really eye opening to say the least. I tipped my wonderful server $5 on a $12 cheque because, damn. How are people supposed to afford rent?
Another thing that I noticed about Austin, somewhat begrudgingly, is that it is very, very spread out. I’m a huge walker and you simply could not walk from point A to point B. At least it was only $2.50 for a daypass on the bus.
I definitely don’t think Austin is a horrible place, I would probably go back again (flying this time) but not for awhile. I think I’ll stick with NYC or Buffalo for my States fix if needed. 
Again, finally seeing Radiohead made it perfect. I ugly cried to All I Need and Fake Plastic Trees and just basically stood in complete awe the rest of the time. It was really all I dreamed of and more. 
(PS – that picture was taken in Canada and not Austin. )
Talk to you all later!

Megan’s Big Adventure: Roadtrippin’ to Austin

So as the title suggests, I’m leaving on Tuesday for a two day roadtrip to Austin, TX for ACLfest. I can’t wait. It’s going to be weird going to the States and not to somewhere in New York state. 
My favourite band Radiohead is headlining the Friday. I’m meeting up with one of my friends there who moved to California a couple years ago. This is going to be quite the experience for me.

Other than that, working TIFF(Toronto International Film Festival) was amazing. It was busy, exciting and I got to see a lot of awesome movies. I also got to spend some quality time with my friend Laura, her husband Conor and their sweet dog Merlin. I also managed to attend a few TIFF parties as well, it was a busy ten days.
I am also happy to say that my skin is finally almost completely healed up. Take that dermatillophobia! My mood has still been wishy washy but it’s finally getting to be more good than bad. 
Anyway, that’s about it . I will be writing more on the road as well and if you like, you can follow along on my trip via my snapchat, mmbris. 

30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 6

Today’s blog challenge is write about someone who fascinates me and why.

Well, I technically have two. My friends Dave and Laura. Both are fascinating because they have lived on multiple continents and I met them both at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival, for those that don’t know the acronym).

Dave hails from Catalonia and is fluent in multiple languages. Laura is from Australia and is married to an Irish man so she gets to go to Ireland all the time. If you had read the two previous posts, you will know that I love both Australia and Ireland and would love to go to Spain. It’s neat hearing of all their travelling and life stories. I find the world and all within it fascinating so I love hearing travelling experiences.

30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 5

I’m having a rather shitacular day again and sorta peaced out BUT I will post this post anyway.

Today’s challenge is a place I’d like to live but have never been to. Well, this is fairly easy for me to answer right off the bat – UK or Australia. I actually looked into what I would need to do to move to Ireland, but they’re bankrupt right now so it ended up being a no-go. Australia seems like it would be fun and maybe I would learn how to surf. And see the (now bleached) Great Barrier Reef.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have yet to leave North America and I would love to travel everywhere but would need to study the language for non-English speaking countries. I can learn languages pretty easy so it would be nice to say, go to Japan and live with my friend Mamiko for awhile. I can’t speak any Japanese outside of types of sushi and car types though, so there would be a bit of a barrier.

Everyone seems  to be going to Morocco lately and that looks like a nice place to visit. Ahh, I’m filled with wanderlust!

Today was a Productive Day!

Today I was more productive than I was basically all year so far. I know, I know…it’s the third month and all but still.

I managed to finally make a doctor’s appointment again and told my doctor that I switched back to sertraline. He was happy that the sertraline is working better than I thought. I get re-assessed on St. Patrick’s day.

I also made myself walk home from the doctor’s office which isn’t a long walk, twenty minutes or so but I knew I had to force myself. It was a nice walk and not too chilly.

I managed to buy a few more groceries and doing laundry now, then packing for my trip to NYC tomorrow. I’m excited but nervous for some reason. It should be fun though and the bands I’m seeing are great.

Anyway, my laundry is finished so I have to go. I will write more later this week from New York!