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My Poor, Poor, Neglected Blog

I know, I’m doing it again. I will post more soon! I promise! I’ve been really busy so there’s a huge update on the way.
Cheers for now!


Some Good Things That Happened This Year

Hello all,
It’s really no secret that 2016 was a really shitty year overall. It would be all too easy to focus on the negatives, as it always is so I thought that I would write about some good things that happened this year.
The first good thing that happened this year was my NYC trip back in March. Seeing (and hanging out with) Sons of an Illustrious Father as well as just being back in NYC was exciting and a break from the bleakness that my life was turning into. There’s always just something about NYC that makes people feel so alive.
Another good thing that happened was ditching a toxic friend. Instead of waking up to constant negative messages everyday, I tend to wake up in a better mood overall.
Being hired for TIFF was also so amazing. TIFF is always an exciting time of year and being on the flipside (instead of volunteering) was an amazing experience. Working with the volunteers is always a highlight and one of my favourite things to do during the festival.
The roadtrip to Austin was a pretty awesome experience. The people I met on the way and seeing so much of the US was so neat. I made friends from that and for that I am thankful.
Of course SEEING RADIOHEAD has to be on the list. The amazing setlist, the amazing people I met while waiting in the beating hot sun for Radiohead to start. Everything was pretty damn perfect, to say the least. 

Of course, being able to end the year with friends and family is another highlight. 
Cheers to you all (and stay tuned for my « Best of 2016 » music post next week).
Happy holidays! 

Seven Deadly Sins

There was a poetry challenge that said to write a poem about the seven deadly sins, but you couldn’t name them. I took a shit and wrote four lines per Sin. Check it out below (and try to guess what order they’re in?).

1. With the swagger of arrongance
You walk in the room
Waiting for everyone to swoon
At your feet, all eyes on you

2. The shade of green you wear
Brightens to a rich jade as you stare
The pang in your stomach changes
From Jade, to emerald, to seafoam

3. The fire intensifies as you approach
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, they say
The sparks fly from your fingertips
As your subject cowers

4. You need to feed
And feed and feed
Feed until the harvests have dried
Forgotten and barren

5. The sweat trickles down your brow
The need to succumb to temptation is overbearing
Seducing, enticing
Entirely yours for the night

6. Carefree at work, carefree at play
The deadlines float by like driftwood
You have no care for them
Just let the others pick up your slack

7. Wanting and Wanting
Needing and needing
Why be satisified with what you have
When you can get more, more, more?

One Year Later

To Jenn,

I thought that if I waited and tried to write this a year later, I would know what I all wanted to say. Surprise! I still don’t, at least not outside of the regular clichés that people write about people who died. Yes, I miss you and yes, sometimes I feel the urge to text you something or I find a funny thing that you would have loved. It’s been a year and that still happens quite often.

Your funeral was lovely and you looked beautiful. So peaceful. Oh! I finally met Chike there! He was every bit as handsome and amazing as you always said. I know you had tried multiple times to get the three of us to hang out but it never ended up working out, one way or another. We recognised each other right away and he said to me « she thought the world of you. » I told him that she thought the same of him as well.

I didn’t find out about your passing until tomorrow morning, technically. I woke up to get a drink of water at 8am. I saw a text from your number. I remember not being fully awake and wondering how the hell you were up at 8am lol. You hated mornings as much as I do. The text was from your father. All he had to let me know was my number in your phone. I was numbed, in shock, I couldn’t believe it was real. I guess that’s typical when someone dies suddenly.

I hear Neighbours 2 is in theatres. Remember when we saw the first one and I was gushing over Zac and you were gushing over Dave? I remember repeating jokes from the movie with you for the rest of the night. I haven’t been to too many movies since. You were always my movie buddy.

Well, now I’ve gone and done it. Made myself so upset I can barely see the screen. I miss you.

From your « bestest bud »(as you always called me) Meggie

Bat for Lashes – Laura

5am Thoughts

I feel like I’m a huge waste of space and a constant letdown. I try my best but always get placed on the bottom rung. Everyone deserves someone better than me.

A Funny Idea

I’m only sharing because I want to remember it for later….

I want to open a Yorkshire Pudding cafe/diner. Basically have a menu of both meals and desserts with Yorkshire Pudding.

A meal for example: Yorkshire Poutine. Instead of fries, you would have chopped up Yorkshire Pudding, with cheese curds and gravy.

A dessert for example: Canadian Maple. Yorkshire pudding served with maple syrup, some vanilla ice cream (either dairy or non-dairy) and a slice of peameal (Canadian) bacon.

Hmm. I’ll try to think up a few different things to add to my make believe menu.

Shop Your ‘Hood, Support Local!

Today, I managed to get up just before 1pm and decided to go and check out some small indie shops in my neighbourhood. I’ve lived here for over a year and still haven’t done that so it was about time. The sun was shining and it was a relatively warm (for February) day, which made walking around nice.

Having been the first day back on sertraline, I found it went well. Plus there was none of the nasty side effects that I experienced before, which always is a huge help.

I found that Cymbalta was really drying my skin out, so bad that my nose was peeling like I had a major sunburn. Considering I have always had an oily « T Zone », this was new to me. Today, my skin looked A LOT better and some acne that I had actually looked like it was healing and going away, which as everyone can attest, is a lovely thing.

Anyway, I guess I can try to pick up where I left off with the « thankful » Happiness Challenge, so here goes;

Today, I am thankful for warm sunlight, making new connections and hanging out with friends for sushi.

Maybe I can snag a cool job at one of the shops.