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Life Update

Hello all!
I hope everyone’s year is going well so far. I’m so sorry for neglecting this blog, even though I promised to write more. I’ve been quite busy the past few months.
I was accepted to a University and taking online beginner courses in Neurobiology. That’s been taking most of my time, to be honest. It’s super fun though and extremely interesting! (Writing this blog is my err….break from researching for my dissertation.) 
Aside from my courses, I have also been doing barre exercises and yoga at usually three days a week. I am finding it makes my body and mind a lot better. I am still having to take my medication, but I find that the two combined helps a lot – even on my off days.
I have been playing my guitar again (yay!) And trying to relearn all the songs I’ve written that I haven’t played in nearly two years. Luckily, I don’t have a concussion this time so I’m actually able to memorise my lyrics. 

I caught up with some family friends I haven’t seen in SO LONG over the holidays and I have planned to go visit two of them out west. Short political opinion insert here – I have decided to boycott travelling to the US during this Presidency and therefore I’m making a Canadian trip to Vancouver for six days, Banff for three and Calgary for six. I’m super excited because I haven’t been out west in about ten years and truth be told, I really miss it. A bonus being I can go hang out with my friends as well while I’m out there! Double score!

So far, I have been having a pretty good year. Already made a short visit to Montreal and hung out with some band friends there (and a bit in Toronto too!)
I hope that you’re having a great year so far and if so, that it continues. If your year has been a struggle so far, I hope it improves for you! 
I’m going to leave you with some photos and see you later!

Song of the day

Song of the day

Song of the day

Wonderful Guelph band. Take a listen.


For those of you who are familiar with my blog, I usually don’t post on weekends. It’s my break time from updating all my crazy social networking sites..but today, I’m going to UFC 129 in Toronto and I’m happy…plus I skipped out on Monday and Tuesday of this week so here’s the song of the day. A cheesy ditty that has for some reason been stuck in my head all day.

Song of the day

Some good ol’ Econoline Crush! Remember these guys?

My weekend in Niagara Falls

I spent the weekend at my parent’s house in Niagara Falls because there was a little thing called West 49’s Take The Cake going on. Even though it was delayed big time because of the rain, they managed to cover an area and have all the pros compete in a Game Of S.K.A.T.E. It was fun times as the video below shows. *Photo credit goes to my sister Katie, it was her first time shooting action/skateboarding.*

**My twitter is no longer @Melissa_Meg, it’s @MMBris.**

*You can read an article about the whole thing here:*

And an album of pictures my sister took: