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30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 12

Now this one is going to be quite entertaining, even if it’s just entertaining for me (sorry guys). Today I am to write about two words/phrases that make me laugh. Both of them are inside jokes so I will try and communicate the moment but it will probably end up being a moment of « you had to be there ».

The first phrase is « It’s just the lighting ». A friend, my middle sister and I were making kraft dinner, we had to be young so I’m thinking I was maybe around twelve? Anyway, I was able to cook KD.

So I was stirring in the milk and cheesy powder and my friend kept looking in the pot and saying there were lumps (if you aren’t familiar with KD, since the cheese mix is powder, it can clump up a lot when liquid is added). So I kept stirring and stirring and she kept saying tgere was still lumps, so I said a little harshly « IT’S JUST THE LIGHTING! » My kitchen had good lighting and we just collapsed in a huge fit of laughter. That phrase has stuck with my sister and since and everytime time someone doubts something around us, one of us will say « it’s just the lighting » so offhand and laugh.

The next phrase is « Froggy says, ‘I can’t wait til Christmas!’ With his camera eyebulb ». Froggy is my middle sister’s stuffed animal that she had growing up. During a slightly rumbunctous night at the cottage, Froggy lost one of his glass eyes. It became unglued. This became his « camera eyebulb » as stated above. I don’t remember how the « I can’t wait for Christmas » came about, considering it was August and we were at the beach. Still though, any mention of Froggy’s impatience towards Christmas or his « camera eyebulb » makes me giggle.


Things my co-worker has said.

This is a new segment and I find it pretty self explanatory…it’s things my co-worker has said. Seriously.

« I don’t understand people with accents, I’m illiterate. »

« I don’t vote so I guess that makes me Atheist. »

« Why, why, why do people do that? Why do people wear so much perfume, my hair nostrils vibrate when they walk? »

« Twilight Zone? That’s Doctor Who, right? »

Song of the day

Another MC Lars song, you guys will enjoy it. Haha.

Hump day Hunk



Last song of the day for this week!

Alright, so what song should I go out on this week? Which song would really bring you into the weekend? Hmmm…OH! I know! How about a funny song that has video game dialogue put to a beat? Yes, yes. Have fun boys and girls. I had a laugh.


This month has been a WHIRLWIND for me! But luckily I finally got a chance to sit down on here and post another Hump Day Hunk. I know girls, I know. Plus, I was running out of « hotties » to post but after the Superbowl, I knew I had one.


Please welcome Captain America himself, Chris Evans!

Humpday Hunk

Stop me if I’ve done this boy before….happy Humpday Hunk to you all! I bring you the young but gorgeous, Hunter Parrish!