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#GuelphMusicClub Top ______ Albums of 2016(pt. 1)

So I’m going to start posting my top picks for albums that were released this year, in no particular order. As soon as I think I’m finished my list, I remember more so I’m leaving the number of albums blank.

First up on the dockit are 

(The obvious one) Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

Not only did I get to see them live (as I’m sure you know by now if you ever read this blog), but this album was very orchestral and extremely personal. One of my favourite things about Radiohead is that they have influences from across the musical genres and no album sounds the same twice.

Garbage – Strange Little Birds

I have a soft spot for Garbage because they were my first concert wayyy back in ’97 (noticing a theme to this bunch?) and Shirley Manson has been a huge role model in my life. This is probably going to be the « poppy »-est entry on my list, but it provides a wonderful sonic musicscape with heartfelt lyrics that I tend to love a lot.
Nine Inch Nails – Not The Actual Events

I have to say, this is the reason I delayed starting these posts this year. I had to hear it before writing about it obviously and I’m glad I did. It perfectly describes the noise and confusion of the state of the world and introduced Atticus Ross as an actual member of NIN and not just a Reznor collaborator. I fell in love with this band in ’97 as well and thus I do believe it ends my first bunch of favourite albums this year. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next bunch!



So, I know Guelph Music Club has basically gone the way of the dinosaur, but last night I couldn’t sleep due to food allergies and indigestion and for some reason, I started thinking of all my favourite music videos. So I figured I’d write a blog post about it and add the « Guelph Music Club » tag to it in hopes of revival considering half the people stopped participating at the third topic and I no longer live in Guelph. But this post isn’t about food allergies, nor defunct music clubs that were really cool at some point. No, this blog is about favourite music videos. If anyone else wants to write one, that would be cool. There’s no limit as to how few or how many videos you love, just list them!

1. UNKLE ft. Thom Yorke – Rabbit In Your Headlights

Just something about the crazy pseudo-religious aspect of this video..I swear there’s a hidden meaning in it somewhere


2. Vampire Weekend – Cousins

The songs pumps me up but the video is super wicked cool yet minimalistic at the same time.


3. Nine Inch Nails – We’re In This Together Now

…It’s the ending really. The ending gives me chills EVERY TIME.


4. Radiohead – There, There

This video, although it is royally weird as fuck, suits the song.


5. Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce

All of Tom’s videos are extremely brilliant, but I love this song a hell of a lot.


6. Bjork – Army of Me

Another artist who nails every music video she does.


7. Atoms For Peace – Before Your Very Eyes

This one is actually done by the same dude who did Bjork’s Crystalline video. Pretty neat and Thom Yorke was covered in mud for awhile.


8. Nine Inch Nails – Perfect Drug

This one reminds me of the Addams Family, which I was obsessed with when I was thirteen, which is when this video came out.


9. Bush – Greedy Fly

I remember the parental advisory warnings before this video showed on Muchmusic. My, how times have changed. This is pretty tame.


10. Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid

Garbage just rules with the black and white videos, also this song is just amazeballs.

A wee bit of self promo, I suppose.

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Thank you again!

Girl Crush of The Month

Let me just say, this woman is FIERCE! She’s been a HUGE rolemodel of mine since before my first concert (which was Garbage) back when I was thirteen.

Song of the day

Song of the day

Nice rockin’ song to kick off your week. 🙂

Song of the day!

I love Garbage, Shirley Manson is simply amazing. This has always been one of my favourite songs by them.