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After Years of Waiting….

…. I finally got to see one of my favourite bands. Of course, I had to travel to Austin to see them but it was so worth it. The setlist was perfect, the weather that night was perfect (cooled down from the 34°C + humidity that was during the day).
The bus ride there was easy going and not nearly as scenic as I thought it was going to be. It looks a lot like southern Ontario to be honest, just with more racists. The bus ride back started with a delay and therefore messed every single one of my connections back. I was not impressed. I had contracted a head cold by this point and just wanted to go home, out of the States, where I could use my money again. 
I met a lot of really neat, friendly people on the way there, in Austin itself and on the way back so that made the busrides a lot easier. It was also a huge trip to be watching the second Presidential debate at the bus terminal in Cleveland (read: a red state) at 3am surrounded by many different people of colour, all looking to be younger than 35. I was actually pleasantly surprised that everyone was paying attention. Everyone. I haven’t really seen something to that extent in Canada.
My heart also goes out to the kind people of Austin that I had a chance to talk to. Their monthly rent was on par with Toronto’s ($800+ utilities for a small one bedroom) and their minimum wage is only $7.35/hr. Unless of course, you serve alcohol – then it’s a measley $2+ tips (that they have to share). It was really eye opening to say the least. I tipped my wonderful server $5 on a $12 cheque because, damn. How are people supposed to afford rent?
Another thing that I noticed about Austin, somewhat begrudgingly, is that it is very, very spread out. I’m a huge walker and you simply could not walk from point A to point B. At least it was only $2.50 for a daypass on the bus.
I definitely don’t think Austin is a horrible place, I would probably go back again (flying this time) but not for awhile. I think I’ll stick with NYC or Buffalo for my States fix if needed. 
Again, finally seeing Radiohead made it perfect. I ugly cried to All I Need and Fake Plastic Trees and just basically stood in complete awe the rest of the time. It was really all I dreamed of and more. 
(PS – that picture was taken in Canada and not Austin. )
Talk to you all later!


30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 20

Yay! We’re officially ten days away from the end. I’m not sure if it had to do with posting everyday or not, but this month seemed to drag for me.

Anyway, today’s challenge is to put my music player (iTunes in this case) on shuffle and write down the first three songs and my thoughts.

Okay, here we go

Song number one:
Let My Fish Loose by Aphex Twin
My thoughts: Well, this is a song off of « 26 Mixes for Cash » so I assume this is a remix? It’s haunting but beautiful, with the children’s voices. One of my favourite Aphex Twin songs, sorta jazzy and moody – something I like about AT. Not every song is electronic, some are symphonic, jazzy, melodic, even classical (see Druqks album for that).

Song number two:
Love to Burn – Neil Young & Crazy Horse

My thoughts: I am a Neil Young fan and have his whole discography. Not totally sold on Neil Young and Crazyhorse, only because some songs venture a bit too country for my liking. Although I’m not very familiar with this song in particular, the chorus resoonated with me. « You’ve got love to burn. You’ve got to take a chance »

Song number three:
White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground

My thoughts: This is such a fun song, maybe moreso because this is a live version. Growing up, I never really understood Lou Reed (RIP). Now that I’ve actually listened to more than « Take A Walk On The Wildside », I get his politics, his wicked sense of humour…someone I discovered just as it was too late and he passed. I am reminded very much of NYC whenever VU, Lou Reed, Patti Smith or Le Tigre come on my iPod.

#GuelphMusicClub – Top Five Favourite (but I cheated) songs of 2014.

Here we are again…almost done the first revival of Guelph Music Club. This next song isn’t particularily one of my favourites from her, but I saw her live and she’s super kick ass on guitar (not demonstrated in this song)  and this song is catchy as fuck.

Showing the world that women can rock the guitar too, I give you – Annie Clark/St. Vincent!!!

AND a close runner up was her newest single (which somewhat shows her guitar playing)

Cheers until next week!

#GuelphMusicClub Week 3 Top 5 Songs of 2014 – Conjoined twins edition

So, because said previous post sorta fuzzled up my list, I’m royally cheating and doing two songs in this one. This was a BIG BIG BIG year for electronic music, especially October because everyone had a release in freaking October. I know you all are too hipster for electronic music and only listen to music from  *real instruments* (I keed, I keeed)so I’ll present my Canadian choice that plays real instruments as well as another late edition to the year because I couldn’t not choose one.

Here they are!

The ‘Bou hold it down always! Bummed I missed Dan in October.

And Mr. Oizo! (One of my favourite videos of the year as well)

<p><a href= »″>HAM</a&gt; from <a href= » »>Eric Wareheim</a> on <a href= » »>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

#GuelphMusicClub Week 2 – Top 5 songs of 2014 -This One Snuck In

I had this preplanned in my head, with all the songs that I was going to do and it was so easy. But then I heard this song and I’m like, « I have to include this. It’s going to fuck up the rest of the list but it can’t be left out. »  It’s a late edition but seriously, it blows my mind.

Don’t believe me? Just watch. 😉

This has bothered me since the dawn of day

Do these songs not sound the same to you?


at 0:15 and later but slowwwwed down? The guitar lick really strikes a « chord » with me hehehe. It sounds the same.

*Insert exploding firework gif here*

So I tried really hard to think up a title using a witty song lyric or something to describe my 2013 but as you can see, it was a massive fail. Anyway, 2013 was « wonderful, glorious » as The Eels would say (that album came out this year, see what I did there?).

On New Years eve last year, just before the clock struck twelve, I made a promise to myself that 2013 was going to be better than 2012. I would be healthier, I would be stronger and I would make an effort to do what I wanted to do. Little did I know, 2013 would end up royally kicking 2012’s ass.

I’m not religious or superstitious or whatever, but when everyone thought « the world is going to end December 21st, 2012 », I never thought of it as apocalypse or mass destruction or whatever. I thought of it as sort of a regeneration of sorts. Out with the old, in with the new and all that. Maybe I thought of it on more of the spiritual side or whatever because my health had been so horrible last year, I really don’t know. I took this and made the promise to myself (with tears in my eyes at a friend’s New Years party) that 2013 will be a million times better than 2012. It had to be. I also knew I had to take control of my life again and not let others get me down.

Sure, 2013 definitely had some sore spots – being badly concussed and missing the whole summer sucked a lot, losing both my job and my apartment in September really sucked – but they’re so little and tiny in comparison to what ACTUALLY happened this year. I’m going to make a list and include some pictures as well at some points.

1) I got to see Muse for the first time in my life. Sure, the setlist was disappointing as hell but they put on a great show and actually see them perform three of the songs I’ve always wanted to hear live was really cool. I mean, Knights of Cydonia was MADE for stadiums. Seriously.

2) I got to record two of my songs, « professionally ». Now I put that in quotes because I’m still waiting to record the third song and although the guy is nice, I think I’ll stick with doing it myself and save myself the $300 next time. BUT I did get two done, and it was a neat experience/something I always wanted to do. Check THAT off the list.

3) I played my first show solo. I was in a band before, a LONG time ago and of course for my show I was still recovering from the concussion plus also woke up with the worst head cold ever. So no memory because of concussion and a sore throat and all stuffed up, definitely two things a musician wants before playing their first gig. NOT. Anyway, still, it was something I wanted to do and I did the best I could with everything I was given and really that was all I could do.


4) I went to Coney Island (and Brooklyn and Manhattan)! I’ve always wanted to go to Coney Island and the whole experience was awesome! I’m going back again though because wow, yeah. I hardly saw any of NYC at all so I want to see more!


5. I saw Thom Yorke live and about 15ft away from me (if that). That was mindblowing and Atoms For Peace put on a really awesome show. ImageImage

6. I saw Nine Inch Nails live as well, a band I fell in love with when « The Perfect Drug » was still a new single.

Image (I also got to check out Nuit Blanche in Toronto the next night, something else I always wanted to do.)

7. I went to Rochester and saw Vampire Weekend


…and then ran into Ezra and Rostam when I got back to my hotel?


(we weren’t ready for that picture and you can sorta tell)

8. Annabel Lee had her first Christmas (don’t really have many good pictures but she’s enjoying herself.)

9. Also got to go snowboarding for the first time in my life (something I’ve wanted to do since my teens) and not only that, crossed « going to Quebec » off of my list as well since I went snowboarding for the first time on AN ACTUAL MOUNTAIN (Mt. Tremblant), instead of say, Chicopee or some little hill in Ontario. –BONUSSSS!!!-


So yeah, as I said, I had some shitty times in 2013 but the good times definitely outweighed the bad in every aspect. Here’s to 2014 somehow managing to kick 2013’s ass! 😀

*QUICK EDIT QUICK EDIT QUICK EDIT* I also had a song featured on some Russian radio station, I got an e-mail about it thinking it was a joke and marked it as spam, then got a shit ton of followers on my instagram/youtube and twitter. WEIRD YO!