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30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 20

Yay! We’re officially ten days away from the end. I’m not sure if it had to do with posting everyday or not, but this month seemed to drag for me.

Anyway, today’s challenge is to put my music player (iTunes in this case) on shuffle and write down the first three songs and my thoughts.

Okay, here we go

Song number one:
Let My Fish Loose by Aphex Twin
My thoughts: Well, this is a song off of « 26 Mixes for Cash » so I assume this is a remix? It’s haunting but beautiful, with the children’s voices. One of my favourite Aphex Twin songs, sorta jazzy and moody – something I like about AT. Not every song is electronic, some are symphonic, jazzy, melodic, even classical (see Druqks album for that).

Song number two:
Love to Burn – Neil Young & Crazy Horse

My thoughts: I am a Neil Young fan and have his whole discography. Not totally sold on Neil Young and Crazyhorse, only because some songs venture a bit too country for my liking. Although I’m not very familiar with this song in particular, the chorus resoonated with me. « You’ve got love to burn. You’ve got to take a chance »

Song number three:
White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground

My thoughts: This is such a fun song, maybe moreso because this is a live version. Growing up, I never really understood Lou Reed (RIP). Now that I’ve actually listened to more than « Take A Walk On The Wildside », I get his politics, his wicked sense of humour…someone I discovered just as it was too late and he passed. I am reminded very much of NYC whenever VU, Lou Reed, Patti Smith or Le Tigre come on my iPod.


#GuelphMusicClub Favourite albums from 1963-1973 #4 – Neil Young « Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere »

So sorry for not explaining this whole « Guelph Music Club » thing at the beginning of the last post, but it’s basically a rad club that formed on twitter with a lot of rad individuals included in it. For the next *Four* weeks now, I will be continuing my « Top Five albums from 1963-1973 ». I hope you enjoy these picks of mine!


Anyway, let’s get down to business. The first album I chose at #5 was Coltrane but let’s turn the page to another absolute favourite of mine. I’m currently reading his book, « Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream » and it’s so fascinating to read about his life, so much has happened to him and he has such bright aspirations for the future.

My parents are big Neil Young fans and although the first album I ever remember hearing of  his was « Harvest Moon », « Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere » has got to be one of my favourites. « Cinnamon Girl » is an absolutely rocking track that reminds me of long car rides with my family and going to the family cottage on Lake Erie. It also evokes memories of just playing outside in the yard while my parents had the windows open.

Then there’s the completely dark and chilling « Down By The River », which is one of my favourite songs ever (I have a thing for dark, twisted music). Neil doesn’t have the « conventional » singing voice, but that’s one of the things that make his music so different from everyone else. It adds a certain touch, a certain feeling to the music that when other people try to cover it, they miss the mark by *just* that much.

I do believe (and I could be wrong, I need to fact check with the book at home) that this was the album his record company didn’t want him to record because it was so radically different from the first and he was almost dropped. I think that’s amazing that an artist so early in his career, still went with his complete heart and soul to record the music he wanted. This is a respectable quality and something to admire for a musician starting out, just like myself.


Song of the day

Because I clearly have it stuck in my head and it’s an awesome song. Neil Young – Downtown