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#GuelphMusicClub Top ______ Albums of 2016(pt. 1)

So I’m going to start posting my top picks for albums that were released this year, in no particular order. As soon as I think I’m finished my list, I remember more so I’m leaving the number of albums blank.

First up on the dockit are 

(The obvious one) Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

Not only did I get to see them live (as I’m sure you know by now if you ever read this blog), but this album was very orchestral and extremely personal. One of my favourite things about Radiohead is that they have influences from across the musical genres and no album sounds the same twice.

Garbage – Strange Little Birds

I have a soft spot for Garbage because they were my first concert wayyy back in ’97 (noticing a theme to this bunch?) and Shirley Manson has been a huge role model in my life. This is probably going to be the « poppy »-est entry on my list, but it provides a wonderful sonic musicscape with heartfelt lyrics that I tend to love a lot.
Nine Inch Nails – Not The Actual Events

I have to say, this is the reason I delayed starting these posts this year. I had to hear it before writing about it obviously and I’m glad I did. It perfectly describes the noise and confusion of the state of the world and introduced Atticus Ross as an actual member of NIN and not just a Reznor collaborator. I fell in love with this band in ’97 as well and thus I do believe it ends my first bunch of favourite albums this year. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next bunch!


After Years of Waiting….

…. I finally got to see one of my favourite bands. Of course, I had to travel to Austin to see them but it was so worth it. The setlist was perfect, the weather that night was perfect (cooled down from the 34°C + humidity that was during the day).
The bus ride there was easy going and not nearly as scenic as I thought it was going to be. It looks a lot like southern Ontario to be honest, just with more racists. The bus ride back started with a delay and therefore messed every single one of my connections back. I was not impressed. I had contracted a head cold by this point and just wanted to go home, out of the States, where I could use my money again. 
I met a lot of really neat, friendly people on the way there, in Austin itself and on the way back so that made the busrides a lot easier. It was also a huge trip to be watching the second Presidential debate at the bus terminal in Cleveland (read: a red state) at 3am surrounded by many different people of colour, all looking to be younger than 35. I was actually pleasantly surprised that everyone was paying attention. Everyone. I haven’t really seen something to that extent in Canada.
My heart also goes out to the kind people of Austin that I had a chance to talk to. Their monthly rent was on par with Toronto’s ($800+ utilities for a small one bedroom) and their minimum wage is only $7.35/hr. Unless of course, you serve alcohol – then it’s a measley $2+ tips (that they have to share). It was really eye opening to say the least. I tipped my wonderful server $5 on a $12 cheque because, damn. How are people supposed to afford rent?
Another thing that I noticed about Austin, somewhat begrudgingly, is that it is very, very spread out. I’m a huge walker and you simply could not walk from point A to point B. At least it was only $2.50 for a daypass on the bus.
I definitely don’t think Austin is a horrible place, I would probably go back again (flying this time) but not for awhile. I think I’ll stick with NYC or Buffalo for my States fix if needed. 
Again, finally seeing Radiohead made it perfect. I ugly cried to All I Need and Fake Plastic Trees and just basically stood in complete awe the rest of the time. It was really all I dreamed of and more. 
(PS – that picture was taken in Canada and not Austin. )
Talk to you all later!

Megan’s Big Adventure: Roadtrippin’ to Austin

So as the title suggests, I’m leaving on Tuesday for a two day roadtrip to Austin, TX for ACLfest. I can’t wait. It’s going to be weird going to the States and not to somewhere in New York state. 
My favourite band Radiohead is headlining the Friday. I’m meeting up with one of my friends there who moved to California a couple years ago. This is going to be quite the experience for me.

Other than that, working TIFF(Toronto International Film Festival) was amazing. It was busy, exciting and I got to see a lot of awesome movies. I also got to spend some quality time with my friend Laura, her husband Conor and their sweet dog Merlin. I also managed to attend a few TIFF parties as well, it was a busy ten days.
I am also happy to say that my skin is finally almost completely healed up. Take that dermatillophobia! My mood has still been wishy washy but it’s finally getting to be more good than bad. 
Anyway, that’s about it . I will be writing more on the road as well and if you like, you can follow along on my trip via my snapchat, mmbris. 


So, I know Guelph Music Club has basically gone the way of the dinosaur, but last night I couldn’t sleep due to food allergies and indigestion and for some reason, I started thinking of all my favourite music videos. So I figured I’d write a blog post about it and add the « Guelph Music Club » tag to it in hopes of revival considering half the people stopped participating at the third topic and I no longer live in Guelph. But this post isn’t about food allergies, nor defunct music clubs that were really cool at some point. No, this blog is about favourite music videos. If anyone else wants to write one, that would be cool. There’s no limit as to how few or how many videos you love, just list them!

1. UNKLE ft. Thom Yorke – Rabbit In Your Headlights

Just something about the crazy pseudo-religious aspect of this video..I swear there’s a hidden meaning in it somewhere


2. Vampire Weekend – Cousins

The songs pumps me up but the video is super wicked cool yet minimalistic at the same time.


3. Nine Inch Nails – We’re In This Together Now

…It’s the ending really. The ending gives me chills EVERY TIME.


4. Radiohead – There, There

This video, although it is royally weird as fuck, suits the song.


5. Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce

All of Tom’s videos are extremely brilliant, but I love this song a hell of a lot.


6. Bjork – Army of Me

Another artist who nails every music video she does.


7. Atoms For Peace – Before Your Very Eyes

This one is actually done by the same dude who did Bjork’s Crystalline video. Pretty neat and Thom Yorke was covered in mud for awhile.


8. Nine Inch Nails – Perfect Drug

This one reminds me of the Addams Family, which I was obsessed with when I was thirteen, which is when this video came out.


9. Bush – Greedy Fly

I remember the parental advisory warnings before this video showed on Muchmusic. My, how times have changed. This is pretty tame.


10. Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid

Garbage just rules with the black and white videos, also this song is just amazeballs.

#GuelphMusicClub Sibling Bands

Well, if anyone knows me at all, this was quite an easy picking…the not so easy part is actually writing about them so I’m just going to leave a couple songs here for you guys to chill and listen to. And no, I couldn’t choose one band over the other. So there.

Pretty sure that part of the reason I picked my cat Lola out of all the cats was because her name is Lola. Humane Society picked, of course.

And then there’s this band obviously where I couldn’t pick a song so here’s a full concert.

Colin with his younger brother Jonny.

A wee bit of self promo, I suppose.

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Thank you again!

Radiohead – The Band of Our Generation?

Alright, I’m writing this late. Probably too late. I gotta get up at 8am and work an eleven hour shift tomorrow. Ah well. I’ve been meaning to write this for awhile so here we go.


Radiohead. Just mere mention can provoke shout outs of, « I LOVE Karma Police! » « OK Computer is the best album ever! » or « Creep helped me get through so much! ».

Sure, all of those just refer to a specific era *mid-90’s in fact* that Radiohead has been around but you get my point. Radiohead has never been the BIG pop band playing all over the radio or music channel. Sure they have videos yes and they certainly got play…but they’ve never quite been the one to blow up everywhere all over the place. The odd thing about this is that everyone seems to like them.


Now, I know a fair amount of people. Most of them are musicians and play in bands. Some are not. However, you will be hard pressed to find a person who doesn’t like Radiohead. I have found one. One person out of everyone I know that doesn’t like Radiohead. She’s a cool person though, so I’ll let it slide.


So many bands not only constantly cover Radiohead’s music, but they list Radiohead as their influence as well. These are bands/musicians in many different types of music, from indie to rock to electronica. I feel it’s because Radiohead has managed to not only evolve, but touch on these genres repeatedly over the years.

Thom Yorke is one odd looking guy. Not the typical « rockstar frontman » – type at all. I remember watching the Karma Police music video back when I was 13/14 years old and my sister’s saying, « ew! He’s creepy! » He is not really creepy looking at all. Just not the typical pretty boy pop singer. His voice on the other hand, may just be one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever heard. He can pull of everything from the rock, to the acoustic, to the electronica and it fits. His voice fits with it all.

The rest of the band itself can go together and actually take you through different dynamics, can actually evoke different feelings at different parts of the same song…really can MOVE you. It can go from so quiet and sincere to full blown power chords on the guitar and they do it seamlessly. The bass flows underneath as the perfect low end to either a jazzy feel or more of a dance-rock funk groove. The use of imagery in the lyrics actually paint pictures of the characters to make every song more like a movie inside your head than just some « background noise ».

This band, I am truly grateful for and cannot see myself growing out of any time soon. The best thing to come out of the 90’s in my opinion. If you are between the ages of 25-40, I think you’d agree.


(This was the first song I remember hearing and I fell instantly in love.)


**I didn’t even really get out all I wanted to say, so I will probably rewrite this/edit this/etc a lot over the next bit.